Employee Spotlight featuring Partner and Business Development Advisor, Kelson Boyer
Today, we are spotlighting one of our phenomenal team members, Partner and Business Development Advisor, Kelson Boyer. Take it away, Kelson! Tell us about yourself – where are you from + how did you end up at Mosaic? Originally, Lawrence, Kansas: Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!! I’m a partner and advisor at Mosaic and have been with […]
Revolutionizing Affiliate Recruitment with MDS Feature Partner Pairing™
Arguably the most crucial aspect of affiliate marketing is recruitment. Recruiting high-impact partners is more challenging than it sounds. With millions of affiliate marketers out there on the World Wide Web, sifting through even one hundred affiliates to find the partners that are best suited for your brand and business vertical is not only extremely […]
How To Use Partnerships to Build Social Proof 
The digital landscape is bursting at the seams with e-commerce businesses. There are now over 26.5 million e-commerce websites. With a flood of brands populating Google searches and social media feeds more and more every day and shortening attention spans flickering all over the World Wide Web like lightning, businesses need to seize the opportunity […]
E-commerce Trends to Watch in Q2 2024
The first day of April brings more than just April Fool’s pranks and memes. April 1st marks the start of the second quarter of the year, aka Q2. With the rush generated by the holiday shopping season and New Year’s Resolutions, so much focus and energy is usually concentrated on Q1 and Q4, albeit, for […]
How Affiliate Marketing Moves You Through The Marketing Funnel
Ah, the elusive marketing funnel. Many marketers have attempted to guide their audience through this funnel, to no avail. How does one get from being made aware of a product to considering buying it to finally converting from a consumer to a customer? Not by chance, we can tell you that. Landing at the bottom […]
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