April 10, 2024

Revolutionizing Affiliate Recruitment with MDS Feature Partner Pairing™

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Arguably the most crucial aspect of affiliate marketing is recruitment. Recruiting high-impact partners is more challenging than it sounds. With millions of affiliate marketers out there on the World Wide Web, sifting through even one hundred affiliates to find the partners that are best suited for your brand and business vertical is not only extremely time-consuming and strenuous on resources, but this can also slow up your recruitment process, meaning you will likely miss out on worthy opportunities in search for others with no guarantee that you’ll be able to actually find and successfully onboard relevant affiliates. Do you see the conundrum here? Affiliate recruitment is the lifeblood of any affiliate program, but sourcing the right affiliates to recruit can be quite problematic. So what’s a brand to do? Let us introduce you to Mosaic Digital Systems.  

In the MDS Universe, automation, efficiency, and optimization reign supreme. Our cutting-edge technology has transformed the classic agency management approach into a streamlined platform designed to empower businesses in analyzing, managing, and scaling their performance marketing channel with ease. One of the revolutionary features of our technology: is Partner Pairing™. Through this tool, MDS clients, on average, perform 83% more affiliate recruitment actions than the leading OPM agency. No big deal, we’ve just given brands of all sizes and capacities access to automated partner recruitment that does the heavy lifting for them. Read on to learn all about how MDS empowers brands to make the most out of their partnerships using this partner recruitment tool.

How Partner Pairing Optimizes Partner Recruitment

Imagine having access to a curated list of high-potential affiliates every week, tailored specifically to your program’s needs. With MDS Partner Pairing™, this becomes a reality. Leveraging our vast database of over 88k affiliates, our technology identifies the top performers and trends within your vertical, presenting you with the system’s handpicked selection of one hundred affiliates poised to drive significant results for your program.

As mentioned above, affiliate recruitment is not a one-size-fits-all. What affiliate relationships work for Brand A may not work for Brand B. We’re way ahead of you! Partner Pairing™ matches brands with partners with a proven track record for success in their vertical. This curated list is populated directly on your main dashboard. You can kiss those incessant Google searches for partners goodbye!

If you have more specific program goals, you can filter through recommendations based on classifications that align with your specific goals – whether it’s enhancing brand awareness through content publishers or improving search rankings with top-performing affiliates. Each affiliate’s profile provides key insights into their top verticals and performance trends over time, so you can make the most informed recruitment decisions. 

Ready to extend an offer and kickstart the onboarding process? It’s as simple as a few clicks. Select the affiliate(s) you’re interested in, click ‘extend offer,’ and you’re set. 

Pro Tips for Best Results

Quality and Quantity

Our data highlights the importance of consistently extending offers – brands that extend over 90% of offers weekly experience significantly higher conversion rates. With this partner recruitment tool, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality or quantity. These recommended affiliates are MDS-vetted, tried, and tested so you can rest easy knowing you will maximize offer extensions to the highest-quality candidates.

Follow Up on Pending Offers

As a best practice, we recommend following up with pending offers using the email provided on the affiliate’s profile. This personal touch not only reinforces your offer but also lays the foundation for a meaningful relationship moving forward. After all, success in affiliate marketing often hinges on nurturing these connections beyond the transactional level.

In conclusion, Partner Pairing represents a paradigm shift in affiliate onboarding – one that prioritizes data-driven insights, transparency, and seamless collaboration. With Mosaic Digital Systems at your fingertips, you have the tools to unlock the full potential of your performance marketing channel. So why wait? Dive into Partner Pairing today and watch your program soar to new heights.


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