April 5, 2024

How To Use Partnerships to Build Social Proof 

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The digital landscape is bursting at the seams with e-commerce businesses. There are now over 26.5 million e-commerce websites. With a flood of brands populating Google searches and social media feeds more and more every day and shortening attention spans flickering all over the World Wide Web like lightning, businesses need to seize the opportunity to establish genuine connections with consumers. Spending thousands of dollars on sponsored content your audience will most likely skip just won’t cut it. 

There are many psychological reasons why consumers behave the way they do. Marketing channels like affiliate marketing have cracked the code for leveraging these principles into strategy. Consumers seek content to make informed buying decisions that they can relate to. Nowadays, shoppers need social proof of a product before they press ‘add to cart’. Brands that intend to tap into this trend need to strategize to meet potential customers where they organically are. At the heart of this strategy lies partnership marketing, a dynamic approach to merging brands, publishers, and consumer interest to boost visibility, and credibility, and skyrocket sales. In this article, we will discuss how to gain social proof through partnerships. Now walk with us.

Why is Social Proof Important

Social proof refers to the psychological phenomenon wherein individuals are swayed in their decision-making by the actions or opinions of others, leading them to conform to societal norms or expectations. In the realm of marketing, social proof serves as validation of a brand’s popularity or effectiveness among consumers, thereby shaping the purchasing choices of both potential and repeat buyers. In a nutshell, social proof nudges consumer behavior. When folks see others endorsing a product or service or watch live applications and use cases in the form of lifestyle content, they’re more inclined to try it for themselves.

Rise of Social Media & Influencers

The growth in social media usage and content creation has put the idea of social proof in marketing in a whole new light. Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok have evolved into virtual hubs teeming with people who, unprovoked, share their lifestyles, preferences, and latest buys. From user-generated content to full-blown influencers, social media is chock full of users with their finger on the pulse, interpreting and setting trends and shaping perceptions like modern-day tastemakers.

This means there are literally hundreds of thousands–if not millions–of opportunities for brands to be featured on content published by creators with dedicated followings and genuinely interested consumers at their disposal.

Partnering with Influencers & Content Publishers

When brands partner with these influencers and content publishers, they not only tap into the social proof required by a large sum of consumers, but they can ensure they will reach their target audience while keeping their marketing costs down. Through strategic alliances with these kinds of affiliates, brands walk a straight line to their ideal audiences and increase their chances of driving sales. It’s a win-win scenario!

Alternatively, other content publishers like review and discovery sites and product comparison content are another great way to establish trust with your audience and target your marketing dollars towards consumers who have an organic interest in brands like yours. 

Pro tip: The hunt for affiliates like this that have tangible proof of success in your business vertical can be arduous, to say the least. Fortunately, the MDS platform is home to over 88k affiliates including content publishers. You can reach these affiliates with the click of a button. 


In a digital world of commerce brimming with choices and skepticism, building trust isn’t just a priority; it’s the key to success. If you wish to gain brand trust and visibility all by yourself, by all means, go for it. But there are thousands of creators and content publishers that have done that work for you. By embracing partnerships, businesses can forge authentic connections with their audience without breaking the bank. 


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