April 3, 2024

E-commerce Trends to Watch in Q2 2024


The first day of April brings more than just April Fool’s pranks and memes. April 1st marks the start of the second quarter of the year, aka Q2. With the rush generated by the holiday shopping season and New Year’s Resolutions, so much focus and energy is usually concentrated on Q1 and Q4, albeit, for good reason. In 2022, nearly 13% of all US retail sales were generated during Black Friday alone. Then, the end-of-year shopping season is immediately followed by a boost in consumerism inspired by aesthetic goals and cultural trends. So we get it. 

However, Q2 is a crucial time to get ready for the latter half of the year and the beginning of the next one. This is particularly true for affiliate marketing programs. While publishers and advertisers are gearing up for holiday sales events, typically, they are hunkering down on their established partnerships, reinforcing the weak spots, and negotiating for the most optimal performance. This leaves little space and opportunities for brands that are just beginning to establish these relationships. Unfortunately, many brands in the e-commerce world wait too long to plan their partnerships around the peak seasons for consumerism. Scurrying around during September (after the back-to-school shopping season, we might add) is e-commerce self-sabotage! In this article, we aim to save you from ruin by identifying these Q2 trends and making recommendations for implementing them.

Aligning Partnership Strategy with Q2 Trends

Identifying growth opportunities and capitalizing on trends in the second quarter is the surefire way to secure the most successful partnership campaigns for high-volume shopping seasons. Here we will list four trends marketers can leverage for their affiliate program. These are partners you can target and build with in Q2 to help you meet your program goals.

Reaching Mobile Shoppers

Mobile shopping has taken over the world of commerce. 76% of adult consumers use mobile devices for online shopping. For affiliate sales, 50% are generated on mobile devices. This presents an opportunity for brands to partner with publishers easily accessible on mobile devices i.e. social media influencers and content publishers. These affiliates help brands get in front of consumers who are looking to make purchases. Especially in a time when consumers demand to be informed about the brands they support, these kinds of affiliates will bolster your program.

Reaching Discount Shoppers

Cash-back and loyalty sites are lucrative partnerships for this day and age. With inflation still doing a number on consumer shopping habits, many are seeking promo opportunities to help alleviate their shopping bills. Establishing partnerships with these brands early on in Q2 can help you negotiate the best placements and commission structuring when the sale season starts.

Review and Discovery sites

Focus your efforts on affiliates who specialize in offering thorough reviews and facilitating product discovery. These affiliates play a crucial role in attracting potential customers and enhancing our competitive edge. By partnering with them, we can leverage their content to amplify our brand’s visibility and appeal to a broader audience.

MDS Partner Pairing™

Sourcing these partners can be difficult. Allow us to introduce Partner Pairing™, a game-changing feature designed to streamline your partnership endeavors. Gone are the days of tirelessly scouring through countless affiliates; with Partner Pairing™, we bring 100 curated partner recommendations straight to your dashboard every week. Say goodbye to the arduous task of sifting through endless options – our feature ensures that you’re presented with the most relevant and promising partners tailored to your needs.

Partner Pairing™ simplifies this process with a single click of the ‘Extend Offers’ button, empowering you to effortlessly expand your partner portfolio. Our MDS platform grants you exclusive access to detailed affiliate profiles, offering insights into their top verticals and performance history. No more guesswork – simply reach out, establish connections, and witness the magic of partnership unfold before your eyes!


So if you take our advice–which you should–you will get started on optimizing your partnership program and tailoring your recruitment efforts early enough to get ahead of the trends for the rest of the year. Book a demo today.


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