April 12, 2024

Employee Spotlight featuring Partner and Business Development Advisor, Kelson Boyer


Today, we are spotlighting one of our phenomenal team members, Partner and Business Development Advisor, Kelson Boyer. Take it away, Kelson!

Tell us about yourself – where are you from + how did you end up at Mosaic?

Originally, Lawrence, Kansas: Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!! I’m a partner and advisor at Mosaic and have been with it since Kyle’s inception of the business idea and formation – dual-purposing myself here, and with Advertise Purple. 

What drew you to Mosaic?

The upside and scalability of a service like MDS. It’s unique, powerful, and most importantly, wildly effective for small businesses to use toward helping them get their affiliate channel(s) off the ground.

What is your position at Mosaic?  What is a typical day in the life of a [insert job title]?

Advisor, Partner, and Sales/Business Development. My day-to-day currently is working with the Account Executive/Business Development team to conjure new business opportunities. We’re tactically finding ways to prospect new businesses to use our service, then showing them real-time demos of how it works, the value it brings, and how/why they should be taking advantage of it. 

Is this what you studied in college?  If you had to redo college, what major would you choose? Why? 

I have so many dad jokes to drop here, but I’ll hold them in. I studied Communications – Marketing, and Journalism in college (PLNU, Go Sea Lions!), so in a way, sales is an easy segway off of that. If I had to redo college, I don’t think I would’ve changed much/anything. Learning the psychology of communication, how marketing initiatives work, and how they impact businesses, as well as learning to write in a clear and compelling way, has helped me get to where I am today.

The cliche about a startup is that ‘there is so much to do but not enough personnel or money to do it.’ Is that true? How do you handle wearing so many different hats?

This is definitely a true statement. Though, “enough” is the key word. That term will mean something different to every CEO/business owner/startup team you ask, but it’s really what you do with “enough.” As one of the original team members of our sister company, Advertise Purple, I enjoy wearing many hats, being overwhelmed with too much to do, trying to connect the dots of different areas of the business to work harmoniously, etc. (or at least I must like it, subliminally, since I keep working with Kyle on startups!!!). Part of what allows me to do it effectively is staying organized. In any facet (and specifically sales), organization is life or death, and when there’s a lot going on, things are flying in different directions, it’s easier than ever to get discombobulated – for me, that’s integral at this (and any) stage in a business.

How is your work at Mosaic making a difference for its customers?

Allowing smaller, newer businesses to take advantage of the affiliate channel for a lower cost – in a timely and effective way.

What excites you most about the Mosaic technology & mission over the next 12 months?

Upside! We haven’t even scratched the surface yet, and there are so many amazing initiatives we’re rolling out, what seems like weekly! I can’t wait to see where we are in 12 months, but I’m bullish on it being even further ahead of the pack than we are now!

And there ends our latest Employee Spotlight. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to hear from our integral team members who make this machine go!


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