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Mosaic Technology

The premier CRM for analyzing, managing, and scaling your performance marketing channel.

Your competitive advantage has arrived.

Over 1,000 e-comm brands served.

Finally, a technology designed for you to scale your partnership marketing program. No black box strategies, no agency contracts, no missed opportunities. With insights from over 13 affiliate networks, 64,000 affiliates, and 23 business verticals, you can now harvest the power of big data for affiliate partner recruitment, affiliate optimization, and competitive insights.

But the data-driven strategies are just the beginning…

Build sequences to automate workflows, connect with partners, deploy optimization campaigns, communicate with your affiliates, and plan your next move. Discover which products and affiliates are top producers in your vertical along with appropriate pricing strategies, then capitalize through automation.

Whether you have an in-house or outsourced affiliate program manager, Mosaic is integral for program visibility and future growth opportunity.  Get started today.

Learn. Plan. Automate.

With a well of over 64,000 of today’s top-producing partners, there is no shortage of relevant publishers to add to your program. Mosaic plays the role of matchmaker, serving up affiliates with the highest probability of success in your program. Don’t worry, we also close the loop with automated recruitment invitations, automated acceptance, and vertical-based commission benchmarking (so you don’t overpay ;).

Our tech is updated each hour, which means you get near real-time notifications when we have an affiliate match, kicking off the automated sequence of recruitment once again. Upon each login, get real time stats about new affiliates added, their performance, and which optimizations we’ll deploy for them (in an automated fashion, of course).

Spend as little or as much time planning your next move as you'd like.  Remember, this CRM is equipped to run on auto-pilot.

Execute. Analyze. Repeat.

Competitive insights at your fingertips? Yes. Real-time affiliate matching? Yep. Automated optimization deployment? Of course. What else ya’ll got? A lot.

The fundamentals, namely recruiting and then optimization with relevant affiliate partners, are the steak. But the sizzle is Mosaic’s ability to learn from success and failure then adjust future strategy.Once your publishers go live and optimizations deploy, log in to your dashboard to see weekly adjustments to your recommendations. Mosaic provides full insights into what was learned, why modifications should be made, and what is next.

Is your program manager doing that right now? We didn’t think so.

See it in action.

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