December 29, 2023

Mosaic’s New Year’s Resolutions

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The Mosaic family wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year! But before we officially kiss 2023 goodbye, we want to turn the New Year’s cliche into a moment to set intentions for the company and our roles on the team.

We launched a few months ago making 2023 a milestone we will always remember as the year it all started. Now as we launch into 2024, we know we have a big year ahead of us. It’s only right for us to ring in the new year with our goals squarely in focus! 

Relevance of Business Resolutions

In our personal life, resolutions, especially of the New Year variety, are often abundant yet fleeting. Right around the beginning of the year, we decide on goals we set out to accomplish; we might even come up with an actionable game plan to make the goal feel more attainable. Unfortunately, we tend to focus on visual or quantifiable metrics, which typically come in the form of an ‘aesthetic adjustment,’ i.e. weight loss or muscle gain. If it takes longer than we hoped for or requires more work than we planned for, it is almost too easy for us to forget about the resolution entirely and move on.

In business, it’s a bit different. Goals cannot be aesthetic and they cannot be forgotten. Resolutions for your business should help you order your steps and set your destination. These resolutions can present as individual or departmental focal points but require marriage with larger company goals and a general alignment with the company’s mission as a whole. 

Different developments over just one year can pull your focus in a plethora of directions. While it is not inherently bad to pivot when necessary, not having clearly defined goals and just going where the wind blows can be quite volatile for business prospects. It’s like trying to hit a bullseye you can’t see. You can never hit the mark if there is no mark to hit. A human resources professional shared with Forbes their estimation that around 80% of business problems they witness arise from a lack of clear direction. Setting a target proactively can save you a world of trouble down the line.

Business resolutions are vital for traversing the ups and downs of operations you are bound to face. Having a clear vision for where you see your business over the next twelve months will help you track progress and hold yourself accountable. As Mosaic continues to grow, we are deciding to be intentional about what we want to accomplish in 2024. Below are a few sentiments from a handful of our team members.

A Word from The Team

“2023 was a big year for us; in addition to serving over 1,000 customers, we doubled down on our quest to build industry-leading features that directly boost our brands’ growth. Based on a recently earned award (shhh, more to come soon), we’re off to a great start. In 2024, we’re looking forward to incorporating more customer feedback, adding accessory features that expand Mosaic’s capabilities, and targeting more of the marketing needs of SMBs.” 

– Caroline MacLeod, Product Department

“My resolutions are to help our consumers find the best fit for their needs, continue learning the industry and understanding how MDS fits in it, and strengthen my relationships with coworkers.”

– Dalton Denham, Business Development Department

“I joined the team two months ago. Since then, we’ve launched a groundbreaking feature and began carving out our digital footprint. I am extremely excited about all the ventures we will embark upon this year as we grow our online presence and improve our product offerings. If my first couple of months on board have taught me anything it’s that Mosaic is a rare gem. Our technology is revolutionary and our drive is unmatched! I can’t wait to be able to reach more brands and expand our talent pool as we continue to scale.”

– Kaitlyn Walker-Tillett, Corporate Content & Branding Specialist

“Our goal is to introduce this award-winning software to the businesses that need it. Millions of SMBs are pining for a transparent, automated, and cost-efficient strategy to grow their performance marketing channel; we’re here to help, and 2024 is the year for it.”

– Kelson Boyer, Advisor

You heard it here first, folks! We have set our eyes on the prize. MDS is officially ready to take 2024 by storm. Happy New Year from the Mosaic Family!

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