October 4, 2023

Over 1k customers have used our platform; what have we learned?

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As of the last few weeks MDS technology has officially served over 1K clients since.. For those who are unaware of our origins, MDS technology actually went live in beta form in 2021, moonlighting under the Advertise Purple brand.

We started as a DIY SaaS platform for microbrands & SMBs, enabling them to use cutting-edge agency insights to grow their accounts and their own pace.We had successfully identified something lacking in the current marketplace and we had the resources to take it to the next level. When we took off as Mosaic Digital Systems we were able to add new features and grow the technology into something completely unique and incredibly powerful. From where we started to where we are now, the tech is completely different and we owe all of the improvements and advancements we’ve made to our first clients who we were able to learn from and grow with.

So what exactly did we learn about building a CRM for brands and affiliates?

First, we discovered that recruitment needs to be simplified. Initially we provided templates and contacts for brands to recruit from the best of the best affiliates in their industry. But what we found out was a lot of the microbrands and small SMBs we work with don’t necessarily have a dedicated marketing person to handle recruiting and reaching out to dozens of affiliates every day. We saw a lot of brands struggling to allocate enough time to steady, rigorous, recruitment efforts. So we fixed it.

Improvement #1 – MDS Partner Pairing™

We introduced our new and improved MDS Partner Pairing™ tool at the end of last month and have already seen recruitment efforts increase by 380% in the first week of brands using it. Now brands can recruit anywhere from 1 to 100 curated partners with the click of a single button and their recruitment list gets refreshed every 7 days with affiliates that have been vetted with over a decade of performance data to establish them as the top performing publishers in a brand’s selected verticals.

Improvement #2: MDS Campaign Connect™

There’s two main phases of affiliate marketing – recruitment and optimizations. Once an affiliate’s joined your program your entire relationship with them is built off optimizations this is where you can increase your ROI, secure high profile placements, and really get the most out of your program but we realized that people weren’t taking advantage of the opportunities we’d send and optimizations we’d recommend in an in app inbox. So instead we built MDS Campaign Connect™. Optimizing an affiliate campaign is one of the most technical aspects for professional marketers, as it can be executed on both a program-wide and affiliate-specific level.  There are over 13 different possibilities, and our technology knows precisely which is the right one for your program.  This feature informs you of that decision, allows you to schedule it, and then takes the final step to deploy it.

Improvement #3: Industry Insights

The second tool in our lineup is Industry Insights which we’re really excited to get pushed into production. This came out of a revelation that brands, in order to learn and develop a clear understanding of how to build their own affiliate strategy, need relevant context about what their competitors are doing. Industry Insights is a tool that will showcase news and performance trends across 23 of today’s largest verticals and highlight which publishers a brand’s competitors are working with, what their paying them, and what products are performing the best. From this, brands can get a clear picture of where they lie in comparison to others in their industry and leverage that as they fine tune their approach in the affiliate industry.

Without trial and error, feedback and development, we would be stuck pushing a half-finished platform. A lesson learned is a lesson learned so we want to say thank you, to the loyal group of you who’ve stuck with us as we’ve transformed into something greater. It’s because of your ongoing support and feedback that we now have a world class CRM that’s built over a thousand affiliate programs for brands achieving profitable growth.

For existing users if you have any questions about the new recruitment features, as always please reach out to and a team member will help you navigate the new dashboard. We can’t wait to see you leverage these new features to continue scaling your programs and generating new leads and sales from your partners in Mosaic.

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