October 9, 2023

Changes in the tech space over the last ten years

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When was the last time you took a minute to think about how quickly the world around us changes. Think back to what you were doing ten years ago. Maybe you didn’t have kids yet, you might have still been in school, or working your first office job. If anything, you probably had a little more free time and a lot less gray hairs. 

It’s funny to think about, because ten years ago we didn’t exist. Far from it. Our industry hardly existed. Ten years ago, Facebook was still in development, not to be revealed to the world for another 5 months. The iPhone didn’t come out until 2007, and at that time it wasn’t even close to the device it is today. The smartphone was arguably the onset of a new digital age characterized by massive amounts of data and rapid races to make improvements and innovations, constantly creating better products, fine tuned to user preferences.

We’re trading Silicon Valley for Silicon Beach

We all know Silicon Valley as the birthplace of several of the largest, most accomplished technology companies – the Google’s and Meta’s of the world. But what if we told you over the last ten years that’s changed too. LA Business Journal would tell you Los Angeles startups are making waves in their own regard, making the City of Angels, the City of AI. Or maybe you’re more familiar with Silicon Valley’s much hipper (at least hippier) sibling, Silicon Beach. The world of tech has been flipped on its head and the rapid pace of development for new technologies keeps the landscape fluid and fresh, with new trends and innovations coming to the surface almost daily.  When all this was starting ten years ago the focus of most technology companies was building and creating never before seen innovations. Flash forward to today and tech companies are focused on creating machines and softwares that do the learning and building for us. 

According to Crunchbase there are over 800 SaaS companies in LA and as a Santa Monica based company we were lucky enough to get spotlighted by LABJ for our contribution to the marketing tech space in Los Angeles. “Mosaic helps companies track the productivity of their marketing campaigns, manage communications and payments and find new affiliates. ‘Affiliate marketing is all about curating solid relationships with publishers,’ Mosaic founder and president Kyle Mitnick said. ‘Until now, the details to locate, onboard and manage these publishers have been well hidden behind the gates of high-priced ad agencies. The process begins with a gap analysis to evaluate if the results of an affiliate campaign match up with the brand’s expectations… Mosaic then downloads their campaign’s performance and provides the brand with optimization strategies, automated onboarding for new partnerships and an automated marketing deployment tool.” 

Innovation is now Automation

The biggest change we see affecting the tech space over the last decade or so is a change from providing mass solutions to building highly curated and automated solutions that target a specific pain point for a niche market. Also, the incorporation of artificial intelligence to automate processes has taken over in the tech space. For Mosaic, this means providing an effective platform that leverages machine learning to assist in the identification of, recruitment, and management of the world’s leading publishers and partners for brands. For other LA based companies like MeetKai it means building AI charged chatbots to serve as customer support assistants. We’re proud to represent a piece of the puzzle, a line in a greater story, a tile in the beautiful mosaic that is the tech space in Los Angeles. This city has always been a great blend of art, culture, and ideas, and we’re thankful to operate in such a vibrant, thriving, technological ecosystem. 

We are constantly learning from usage data and improving our product to serve clients better, and we’re thankful to be in Los Angeles where we are surrounded by industry leaders and forward thinkers pushing us to keep moving onward and upward. Keeping in line with our goals to level up our tech, we have several new features in the lineup for release. MDS Partner Pairing and Industry Insights will make recruiting qualified affiliates easier than ever and scaling your partnerships program possible in a matter of minutes. The new dashboard will put optimization opportunities at your fingertips ready for deployment at the press of a button. We’re more than just excited to get these new features rolled out, we’ve been waiting for it for months, and the time we’ve waited for is now around the corner. Check back in October for more details about our newest recruitment tools and how you can start your own partnerships program with Mosaic Digital Systems.

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