September 27, 2023

5 Marketing Automation Myths to Destroy

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It comes about the same way it always does—with a quick internet search. As a matter of fact, what’s the one result that a search for symptoms, fitness, space, and fruit will yield? Some misinformation. Myths, fake news, folklore, so on and so forth. You catch my drift.

Whatever you want to call it, there will always be conflicting opinions and false information available on the internet. This is no surprise, of course. It’s 2021 and this is almost as well-known as the fact that wearing a face mask in public is considered good form. But, I digress. If you were to throw marketing automation into that bizarre mix of search terms, the result would be no different.

For all the benefits that the internet brings, the myths that come with it tend to be an obstacle that can discourage anyone who wants to take full advantage of what they’re searching for, whether it be fruit or marketing automation.

To sort the fake from the real, let’s revisit what marketing automation is, what its benefits are, and talk about how mosaic can help de-myth-tify the five most common marketing automation myths with a little backup from mosaic’s Senior Technology Account Manager, Christian H.

5 Common Marketing Automation Myths:

1. It’s only useful for email marketing

I mean, sure, email marketing and drip campaigns are strong channels for marketing automation, but they’re not the end-all. Marketing as a whole is multifaceted, so it would be naive to say that marketing automation only works when it comes to one digital marketing avenue. Marketing automation brings much more to the table and can be used across a multitude of channels, so let’s not limit ourselves!

With mosaic alone you can get tailored recommendations that bring sustainable growth to your affiliate program. By leveraging years of rich performance data and partnerships with top-performing affiliates, mosaic can provide insight on which affiliates are the best for your vertical, how and when to partner with them, and recurring tips to make sure your campaigns are optimized and competitive.

2. It’s a lazy, one-and-done kind of thing

Marketing automation may sound like a magical, sprinkle-some-fairy-dust-and-leave-it kind of thing, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Like almost anything else, marketing automation requires a little TLC to work optimally. You know, check-ins, care, and constant awareness, stuff like that.

While marketing automation does bring some magic to any business by helping take care of repetitive tasks, nurturing leads, and marketing campaigns, you can’t just leave all of the heavy lifting to one tool. Quality marketing automation isn’t a lazy, one-and-done situation. It takes work. You can never really just sit on your porch with a sustainably sourced iced black tea and let marketing automation run your business because it’s only one small (but mighty) facet of a larger marketing strategy.

When I asked Christian about his thoughts on this one, his words were, “Marketing automation that actually moves the needle requires a strong backing of relevant data and expertise. This requires consistent monitoring and adjustments based on new information. Any automated system that is ‘set and left alone’ will likely fail or quickly become effective.”

3. It’s robotic and impersonal

When you think about software automating elements of your marketing, it might be easy to assume that anything that comes from it will sound cold, canned, and impersonal. Sort of like… a robot is taking your marketing matters into its own hands? But that’s not the case. Personalization is a little more accessible with marketing automation than the myth might have you believe. In the case of mosaic, that element of individualization is available within its Fresh Faces feature. Let’s turn to Christian for more on that.

“The Fresh Faces dashboard in mosaic is a powerhouse that takes the guesswork out of growing a successful affiliate program. It provides tailored recommendations of the best affiliates to work within a user’s vertical by analyzing hundreds of thousands of similar programs and affiliates all in a fraction of a second,” he says. “Fresh Faces even continues to update as a user’s program progresses so there is never any guesswork about which affiliates to reach out to.”

And, the best part? Anyone using this feature has access to see each suggested affiliate’s historical performance within their vertical. This means they can pick and choose the partners they want to work with based on real and proven data.

4. It’s only useful to big businesses

Any big business that uses marketing automation will experience its benefits, but it’s not only exclusive to well-established businesses. No matter how small your business is, marketing automation is probably worth the investment. Why? Because it frees up your time so you can focus on the most important parts of running your business.

mosaic, for example, is relevant to anyone who wants to start and grow a thriving affiliate program. The size of your company is irrelevant. When deciding to use mosaic, the playing field is already leveled by the insights it has available. Simply put, all users have access to the expert advice they need to succeed.

5. It’s overly complex

Like any other element of marketing, marketing automation is only as complicated as you make it. And, truthfully, it doesn’t need to be complicated at all. Maybe this myth was rooted in the past when marketing automation was first taking off, but it’s much more simple these days.

At mosaic, one of the keys to reducing this mythical complexity is understanding what’s effective and what’s relevant, then forgetting the rest. “We’ve been working with mosaic for years to fine-tune our reporting and suggestions so that users receive all the information they need and nothing more,” Christian says. “We want our users to feel confident navigating mosaic from day one, and as such, we put a big emphasis on an intuitive user experience.”


It’s safe to say that there will always be noise, especially on the internet, but it can be easily blocked out. Hopefully what you take from this blog post is that optimizing your marketing strategy is all in your hands, especially with a tool like mosaic. Marketing automation doesn’t have to be impersonal, exclusive to big businesses, or lazy, and you can still enjoy your iced black tea from your porch if you’d like.

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