January 3, 2024

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With the global affiliate marketing industry reaching a staggering $17 billion this year, it is fair to say the cat is officially out of the bag for the affiliate space.  Brands across the globe–micro and mega brands alike–have incorporated strategic partnerships into their overall digital marketing landscape. Whether they spring for an agency or try their hand with an in-house marketer, building an affiliate program that is both scalable and profitable can be less than straightforward, not to mention the cost that trial and error incurs on oh-so-precious time and resources. 

However, when done right, the potential revenue generated from top-producing affiliates and networks is too lucrative to ignore. While you are more than likely to face challenges in finding a strategy that works for your brand, this performance-based marketing model could be just the channel you need to elevate your brand to the next level.

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing?


As mentioned above, affiliate marketing operates on a performance basis meaning that you pay for the number of conversions you secure as opposed to more costly methods like cost-per-click (CPC) marketing models. With CPC, you will likely pay for many clicks that do not net you any conversions, whereas performance-based marketing will only cost you per conversion or sale; this is also commonly referred to as cost-per-acquisition (CPA)

This makes raking in sales and converting consumers into customers all the more accessible for brands with a more limited budget.


Partnership marketing gives you a unique positioning in front of a curated audience that is highly likely to convert purely based on loyalty to the publisher. Affiliates have carved out both wide and niche followings full of engaged shoppers who trust their opinions and have already proven their interest in brands like yours. Instead of taking a shot in the dark abyss that is the internet with traditional advertising methods, affiliate marketing allows you to get in front of the eyes of the right people consistently which can drastically improve your overall revenue. 

How Mosaic Can Help

Hackernoon name-dropped our platform as an option for brands seeking an even more cost-efficient approach to building out their affiliate marketing platform. Our unique capability to offer top-of-the-line affiliate marketing tools at a price other managers can’t beat is backed by over a decade of affiliate expertise. Mosaic’s technology gives brands with more humble beginnings and limited resources a chance to start, implement, and manage their affiliate program autonomously without the financial commitment of a large agency. With opportunities to automate things like recruitment and campaigns, we put the power of affiliate marketing in your hands with the support of tried and true strategies. Our platform will connect you to the right affiliate network and publishers for your brand with proven success in your industry. Simply put, we took the guesswork out of partnerships without charging you an arm and a leg premium. You can thank us later!


The affiliate space is reaching new heights daily. If done right with the right platform, affiliate marketing may be the missing piece to your digital marketing strategy that could completely transform your business. Although there are a multitude of industry giants to choose from, you may have better luck trying your hand with a platform like Mosaic to meet your performance marketing needs.


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