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December 11, 2023

What is Green Monday? Understanding the Power of eCommerce Holidays

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The online retail landscape moves fast year-round, but there is no time faster than Q4. The last few months of the year give eCommerce stores the chance to boost their sales and engage customers with concentrated promotional sales starting as early as mid-November. One of the final holidays to close out the year is known as Green Monday. 

Marked by the second Monday of December, Green Monday is one of the last targeted efforts to attract holiday shoppers making their final rounds for gift shopping. Although eclipsed by Black Friday/Cyber Monday, this eComm holiday is considered the third-largest online shopping day of the holiday season. But where did it come from? And why are these sales seasons so impactful for eCommerce brands? To learn the answer to these questions, read on!

Green Monday Explained

Green Monday was coined by eBay in 2007 to describe the significant spike in online sales that occurred during this period in early-mid December right before the holiday. Since then, this fabled Monday has emerged as the go-to sale-a-thon for the last-minute holiday shopping cohort. 

The significance of Green Monday lies in its strategic timing, as it provides shoppers with a final opportunity to secure their holiday purchases before shipping deadlines. The retailers hip to this deadline-driven urgency, often roll out enticing promotions and can’t-miss special offers to attract these procrastinators. This makes Green Monday a critical angle for brands that are looking to capitalize on the holiday shopping frenzy and end the year on a high note.

Why eCommerce Holidays Matter

Last week, we published an article highlighting this year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday performance for eCommerce as a whole and spotlighting our top-performing clients by business vertical (spoiler alert: we cleaned up!). Now, we want to elucidate the various reasons why eCommerce holidays are so important to online retailers to close out the year.

Revenue Boost

The most obvious weight eCommerce holidays hold is giving businesses the chance to supercharge their end-of-the-year revenue potential. The sweet combination of heightened consumer demand stirred up by holiday tradition and strategic marketing campaigns creates quite a lucrative environment for sales growth. By participating in these sale events, brands can tap into the festive spirit and encourage spending which spikes a profit margin making producers and consumers happy campers.

Customer Engagement

eCommerce holidays provide an opportunity for brands to engage or reengage with their audience in a more meaningful way. By leveraging targeted promotions and personalized marketing strategies, stores can create multiple touchpoints with consumers and curate a positive shopping experience at a time they are highly likely to engage with. Cultivating and nurturing such relationships during peak shopping seasons can often translate into long-term customer retention and loyalty.

Strategic Marketing Opportunities

eCommerce holidays allow for a strategic framework for time-sensitive marketing initiatives. Marketing trends can be hard to predict during other times of the year. However, eCommerce holidays with set times, such as Green Monday which is always the second Monday of December, can give businesses a solid roadmap for where they should be putting their efforts.

For example, if you’re figuring out how to segment your audience to determine your sales promotions structure, knowing there will be a tangible bump in site visitors that are highly likely to convert at a particular time does a great deal in helping you better customize and optimize your marketing initiatives. eComm holidays can streamline targeted advertising campaigns, social media promotions, and email marketing efforts to maximize their reach and impact. This concentrated marketing push helps create a sense of anticipation and urgency amongst your customer base.

Clear Inventory

Last but certainly not least, end-of-the-year sales events provide an opportunity for businesses to clean house. Clearance sections never look better than the end of the year. For example, let’s take clothing retailers; online stores need to rid their storehouses of all of last year’s trends and seasons in preparation for what the new year holds for the fashion scene. By offering special discounts and slash sales, businesses can quickly move stock and generate revenue that might otherwise be lost.


As the digital landscape continues to shape the future of consumer behavior, eCommerce holidays like Green Monday have become instrumental for businesses seeking success in the competitive market. These sales opportunities provide a unique opportunity to boost revenue, engage customers, strategically market themselves, and overall enter the new year slated for success!


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