August 22, 2023

Why Your Brand (and You) Need a Little Automation in Your Life

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Imagine this. You’re sitting in your home office with your best work-from-home attire, business-on-top-comfy-down-below, cause we all know, that’s the new norm.


It’s 5pm and the day’s meetings are finally winding down to a close. You worked hard today, as you do. Satisfied and with a feeling of accomplishment after a long day, you’re ready to chill out and be a human for the rest of the day. You’re getting ready to hit the beach for a sunset surf session or putting your gym bag in the back of your car when you remember…


I still have a gigantic list of emails to send, countless leads to generate, affiliates to hunt down, and a painful amount of research and planning to do for the next marketing campaign. @%*$!!!


You know what I’m talking about, right? The workdays that bleed into work-weekends.  They burn you out, stress you out, and eventually they take away your humanity and turn you into a programmed work robot. Okay maybe that’s a tad dramatic, but you get where I’m coming from.


You know there is a way out of that cycle though, right? There’s something to eliminate that overflow of tasks during the week, one that not only automates some of those tasks but that brings more efficiency to our marketing programs as a whole. Enter marketing automation *insert round of applause here* the one-step solution to an overworked business owner.


So, what is marketing automation? Besides automated marketing 😉 It alludes to software, led by AI tech and machine learning, that learns your goals and acts like an additional team member, doing the research and pulling insights to deliver recommendations and perform campaign actions for you.


It helps you prioritize and carry out your marketing tasks, especially the repetitive ones like lead generation, tracking down and attempting to contact affiliates to promote your products, and ideating campaigns. All in a way that doesn’t compromise the authenticity of your brand and opens up your schedule for the more important parts of running your business and, what are those things called again… the things you do when you actually have free time? Hobbies!! That’s right, it even gives you time to give back to yourself.


One of the most important parts of an automated marketing platform like Mosaic is generating more revenue by driving significantly more traffic, converting that traffic to leads, and then nurturing those leads well enough to create paying customers.


We know as a business owner you’re bred to scrutinize any business investment before diving into the deep end so why should you consider making the switch? Let’s talk.


5 benefits of Mosaic’s automation solutions:


#1 Reduce stress, lessen the overall workload, and save time
Automate those pesky, time-consuming, manual tasks. One of the biggest, or at least more convenient, benefits of using an automation platform like Mosaic is that it takes a huge load off you and your team for the routine upkeep of a marketing campaign especially for the constant recruitment and communications to maintain a strong affiliate program. There’s no more need to rely on holding your eyelids open as you move through these exhausting tasks. With Mosaic, you can scratch targeting, sending emails, data management, and affiliate outreach off your to-do list and focus on your other priorities.


#2 Grow your revenue and boost ROI
How on earth, you ask?
Mosaic’s solutions help enhance overall marketing performance, allow for better data management, and generate higher-quality leads, which inevitably will lead to a higher ROI. Mosaic grows your profits by connecting you with the top-performing affiliates across 23 of today’s largest verticals. Our network of 87,000 affiliates has been tried and tested and proven to drive sales and increase revenue. Mosaic’s reporting tools give you insights into what other brands in your vertical are paying an affiliate so you can optimize your commissions and achieve a higher ROI. And every action you take is trackable through the app via monthly KPI reports.

#3 Personalize the customer journey
One of the best ways to connect with people, whether they’re potential leads or not, is to offer them tailored content. Mosaic gives you tangible insights into affiliate performance to determine which publishers warrant recruitment to your program based on partner-brand parity. We give you access to affiliates with high potential to convert customers and help you understand which are a best fit for your brand by showing you their historical performance based on your vertical.


#4 Make the reporting process more seamless
The vast majority of all marketing automation tools offer native performance analytics and reporting so you can effortlessly measure the success of your campaigns, other marketing efforts, and how much revenue they bring in. With Mosaic alone, you have access to a curated selection of KPIs inherent and critical to running an affiliate campaign, such as traffic, clicks, revenue, conversions, and more.

#5 Generate higher-quality leads
Another hyper-important step in growing a business, with Mosaic’s solutions you get not only a richer and more clear picture of potential consumer behavior but you also have insight into which outlets (affiliates) are bringing in the most promising leads. Finding leads is one thing, but nurturing them and guiding them through the journey is entirely different. But not to worry, that’s another thing marketing automation helps with.
For example, with Mosaic’s Fresh Faces report feature, you can be matched with top-performing affiliates for your vertical who will drive sales by helping potential customers explore your brand, get curious, and get serious about making purchases.


And those are just five reasons to choose Mosaic, but a good five. Anyways, if that vivid picture I painted at the start of this blog hit as close to home for you as it did for me, feel free to check out Mosaic to see how we can help you prioritize and take a load off your plate. You deserve time that is actually free and not interrupted by endless unfinished tasks. We mean it

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