August 18, 2023

An Affiliate Management Tool Fit For Your Business

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When running a business, I think we can all agree that time is money, and money is time. There’s a lot that goes into making sure your company is operating smoothly and (at least somewhat) self-sufficient. Anything that can help make that process easier is something you want to know about as a business owner.

An area of technology that’s really taken off in the past few years is automated software, particularly in the world of digital marketing. Digital marketing gives you access to infinite data, probably too much data. So much that you don’t know where to start or what to do with it. Automated CRMs, or customer relationship management softwares, help you make sense of all the data points thrown at you and give you actionable insights and steps to take towards success. One type of performance based digital marketing many businesses are quickly catching onto is affiliate marketing. This partnership marketing model is an indirect way to promote awareness about your products and services. But finding the right partners is not always so simple.

Using an automated affiliate marketing software like Mosaic leads to less time spent finding relevant and reliable partners. It gives you more time and energy to spend on more pressing business operations, and it opens up new avenues for growth and profit gains.

What Is Affiliate Marketing Software?

Understanding automated affiliate marketing is crucial to understanding how it can help your business. Mosaic matches your business with the most qualified affiliate partners by combining through and comparing tens of thousands data points from a dozen affiliate networks.

There really are no limits when it comes to affiliate marketing, so the potential for growth is endless.

Quality recruitment automation offers a variety of benefits:
  • Lowers the effort involved in verifying an affiliate’s performance and relevance to your brand
  • Decreases the amount of time spent searching for affiliate contact information
  • Saves money compared to hiring an agency and prevents strain on your budget
  • Provides you with more time to spend on running your business

How Can Software Help Your Business Grow?

Affiliate markets can create a dramatic change in how your business operates by promoting sales and increasing customer awareness. There are thousands of affiliate partners in the world. The data shows that 80% of brands have already turned to affiliate marketing and 16% of online sales in the US come through affiliate channels.

But not all affiliates will be valuable to your company.

Most affiliate websites are either inactive or don’t perform their essential functions. But business owners don’t have the time to spend navigating the sea of websites and weeding out the non-performers.

This scenario is where an automated affiliate marketing CRM comes into the picture. It helps you locate the websites and publishers that will actually do their job and then help you find the top performers out of that pool.

Don’t try to navigate the sea of affiliates on your own. There are too many websites to possibly know which are good and many that will end up hurting your business and draining your budget. Failing to take precautions and jumping in without testing the waters could not only cost you time but lots of money as well.

Instead of putting your business at risk, go the smart route, and choose Mosaic.

How Does Mosaic Work?

Like we said earlier, thousands of affiliates make claims of helping your business grow but are unable to deliver. Ultimately, they end up taking your money for fake traffic and fraudulent orders. Mosaic puts an end to this.

Our CRM provides the tools that give you the ability to make informed decisions about your affiliate recruitment and optimizations.

A Better, Faster, Tested Recruitment Engine

Nothing we do is random or rushed. All our suggestions come from analytics and provide the most accurate matches. The affiliates that are funneled into your recruitment suggestions are all vetted and backed with over a decade of KPI data that prove them to be high value performers. A powerful search engine makes for a powerful affiliate partnership. Ultimately, it will increase revenue for your business.

Establishing Partner Parity So You Don’t Have To

First, we take a look at your business’s industry and goals for growth. Then, we look at our database of 64,000 affiliate’s promotional strategies and potential to create growth for you. We match companies and affiliates to create a mutually beneficial relationship in which both parties win.

Giving You Observable, Actionable Data

At Mosaic, our reports give you insights into campaign performance in a way that’s easy for you to understand even if you have no prior context for the affiliate industry. We help direct you to actionable insights and strategies you can use to grow your business with detailed views of individual affiliates’ performance within your program to help you optimize to scale your success. These reports help bring your business model to life and plan your next moves better.

Why Choose Mosaic?

Mosaic can help your business reach its highest potential. Without using an affiliate marketing CRM, promoting your business can take years of trial and error. We’ve already been through those dark years and come out on top with a plethora of data to guide your program so you don’t have to suffer through the painstaking process of manually verifying each and every website and publisher. With Mosaic, we do the grunt work and data sorting so that you can focus on the bigger picture of your business.

Get in touch with Mosaic today for automated affiliate marketing software that will send your gains soaring.

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