January 9, 2024

Employee Spotlight featuring Content & Branding Specialist, Kaitlyn Walker-Tillett


The second week of the year brings us to another Employee Spotlight from our newest team member, Corporate Content & Branding Specialist, Kaitlyn Walker-Tillett. Employee Spotlights give us a chance to incorporate the stories of the people that make this machine work. Let’s get into it!

Tell us about yourself – where are you from + how did you end up at Mosaic?

I grew up in Pasadena, CA, but have lived all around LA County. I went to UCLA in 2016 for undergrad then graduated in 2020 (yippee!). During my senior year, I got an internship as a marketing associate; thus, my love for digital marketing was born. Last year, I was searching for creative opportunities with a company I could identify with and plant my roots in. After almost a full year of searching, I found a job opening that aligned with exactly what I was looking for and the rest was history! 

What drew you to Mosaic?

It had to be the interview process. On paper, the job sounded like a dream! But it was when I met our HR manager on the first round and our founder and CEO on the second round that I knew this would be a great place to work. I loved their energy and the excitement in their voices when talking about the company. I could feel the strong community presence from the jump! 

What is your position at Mosaic?  What does a typical day in the life of a Content & Branding Specialist entail?

I am a Corporate Content & Branding Specialist. I am the first full-time hire dedicated to this position so there was quite a bit of a learning curve as I got accustomed to the brand. A typical day is logging on, checking Slack, and then diving into the week’s content calendar. Then, it could be time to open up Canva and create or open up several tabs to start research for the upcoming blog post. The majority of the day is spent ideating, creating, editing, and publishing social media and blog content across all platforms, taking care to align the content to brand standards.

Is this what you studied in college?  If you had to redo college, what major would you choose? Why? 

Not exactly. I majored in African-American Studies with a social studies framework. A vast majority of my courses always focused heavily on how media is a vehicle for relating to people; those were always my favorites. Had I known I would end up in a career field like this, I probably would have shifted gears into Communications or something like that. However, my study of human patterns, relationships, and culture is definitely how I found my stride in roles like this where you have to find creative ways to tell stories and connect to people.

The cliche about a startup is that ‘there is so much to do but not enough personnel or money to do it.’ Is that true? How do you handle wearing so many different hats?

I think that can be true of any business that is starting with a small team. You can be pulled in other directions which can be fun albeit challenging. For my responsibilities specifically, I don’t particularly have to wear as many hats, per se, but I have to produce with a larger bandwidth because there is so much more ground to cover. With bigger, already-established brands, you can somewhat rest on your laurels, but a younger company has a younger reputation. There is more of a need to constantly put ourselves out there which just takes more energy. It’s like adopting a kitten versus adopting a cat. The former needs a whole lot more attention than the latter.

How is your work at Mosaic making a difference for its customers?

Just shy of 3 months on the job, there is a great deal of progress to be made. My team has worked on our very first email campaign to help our client community get the most out of our platform so I am really excited at how that will impact their overall adoption of MDS. I hope my work will start increasing usage of the platform as we create resources our users can always refer to as they tighten up their affiliate program. 

What excites you most about the Mosaic technology & mission over the next 12 months?

Mosaic is a pioneer in this performance marketing space. There are not very many affiliate management CRMs on the market so it feels so exciting to witness a trailblazing technology take off from behind the scenes. We have such hardworking people dedicating their time and energy to making MDS a game-changer for microbrands & SMBs. I can’t wait to service more people and build out our digital footprint as an industry thought leader.

There you have it! That wraps up another installment into our Employee Spotlight series. Stay tuned for more takes from the rest of our team.

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