January 6, 2024

Affiliate Marketing Solutions: MDS Features Masterlist


Since launching in 2023, we introduced a handful of groundbreaking features that have revolutionized affiliate program management for good! Our purpose is to empower brands of all sizes with cutting-edge tools and strategies to supercharge their affiliate program. Wondering how we make that possible? In this article, we will detail all the functions of our features that make agency-level partnership success more accessible than ever!  Read on to get the full scoop. 

The Origins of Mosaic

Our Founder and CEO, Kyle Mitnick, entered the affiliate marketing space in 2012. He founded and ran our partner agency, Advertise Purple, which grew to be the nation’s #1 affiliate marketing agency to boot. After aggregating over a decade of data-rich affiliate performance and connections with top-producing affiliate networks and publishers, Mitnick got the startup itch to transform the in-depth affiliate agency value offering into software that would help micro-brands and SMBs manage, track, and scale their performance marketing channel.

In an interview published on Medium, Mitnick explained, “We developed a pilot technology under the Advertise Purple brand and served 500 clients in DIY, SaaS fashion. Once the concept was vetted, I made the decision to bring it to life under the Mosaic Digital Systems (MDS) label. This is something that will give smaller businesses more marketing power than they have ever had in the past.”

Thus, Mosaic Digital Systems was born. With the mission to bring agency-level insights and game-changing automation functions squarely in sight, we structured our platform around these five key features. 

MDS Features for Affiliate Marketing Solutions

Below is a list of Mosaic’s solutions for affiliate management. Prepare to be amazed!

Campaign Connect™

In the spirit of the new year, we will start with our latest feature release, Campaign Connect™. With this feature, you can say goodbye to the painstaking process of figuring out how to optimize with your affiliates and say hello to tailor-made promotional opportunities that’ll elevate your brand’s exposure and turbocharge your partnerships program. Campaign Connect seamlessly integrates with several of the largest affiliate networks making implementing new campaigns effortless and dare we say fun!

MDS Partner Pairing™

The next transformative feature we will highlight is Partner Pairing™. This nifty feature serves up a buffet of 100 recommended partners directly to your dashboard on a weekly basis. With Partner Pairing™, the grueling work of slogging through the endless sea of affiliates is rendered completely obsolete. Marketing professionals can spend hours upon hours sourcing and researching partners; even when recruiting through an affiliate network, partner matching is often generic which easily can land you in a trial-and-error cycle before finding the right one. Now, with just the click of the ‘Extend Offers’ button, you can watch your partner portfolio flourish. 

Even better yet, the MDS platform gives you an all-access VIP backstage pass to check out affiliate profiles eliminating the guesswork of figuring out their top verticals and performance history. Reach out, make a connection, and let the partnership magic unfold!

Auto-Accept & Affiliate Applications

Sorting through affiliate applications can be a huge sore spot for most brands without a team of account managers at their disposal. Good thing Mosaic’s Auto-Accept tool is here to do the heavy lifting. With Auto-Accept, you can instantly approve MDS-approved publishers— from the top 2000 revenue-generating affiliates across all industries. We do the vetting for you so you can put your focus elsewhere while still ensuring you never miss out on the best partnership opportunities.

Industry Insights

Are you ever curious about how your brand stacks up against your biggest competitors? Industry Insights has got your back. Compare your affiliate program’s performance with other brands in your industry and uncover the top-performing affiliates and products in each sector. This will help you better structure out key program pillars like commissions and partner selection. The more you know!


Last but surely not least, Mosaic’s Reports feature is your right hand on the quest for achieving program excellence. Dive into the nitty-gritty with underperforming and rising affiliates reports, shining a light on partners who need a nudge or a high-five. The commission report is a crucial puzzle piece that paints a picture of what you’re shelling out versus what your affiliates are raking in from your competitors. It’s intel that’ll revolutionize your strategy and keep that budget in check!


With these features, gone are the days when only the big-wig industry giants were able to compete with large agencies and management teams backing them. The MDS platform is demystifying the world of affiliate management and black-box agency strategies and offering practical solutions for your affiliate program needs. Ready to revolutionize your partnership journey? Get started with us today!

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