February 21, 2024

B2B Founder Gives Tips for E-commerce Success 

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Every day, Google processes 8.5 billion searches. With every internet search comes a generous helping of e-commerce brand marketing materials in various mediums. This is because brands have to do everything in their power to stay relevant in the chaos that is the digital landscape. Although the e-commerce industry is moving full speed ahead, many brands will be left behind without implementing certain strategies to ensure long-term success in a booming market. 

Never fear, our resident “E-commerce Wizard”, MDS Founder and President, Kyle Mitnick is here! Mitnick was featured in C-Suite Quarterly to unveil the best e-commerce business advice money can buy. Luckily, we’ve summed up all the key takeaways on the house! 

E-commerce Growth

The 2020 pandemic moved a vast majority of business operations online. More than ever before, shoppers of all ages turned to the internet for all their necessities and indulgences. According to Statista, global e-commerce sales are reported at $5.2 trillion in 2021 with 2026 forecasts sitting at $8.1 trillion by 2026. For those seeking to capitalize on this burgeoning market, several key strategies can significantly enhance their chances of success.

Prioritize Product Demand

In the competitive e-commerce landscape, brands need to ensure they keep demand for their offering. Brands should zero in on markets with a substantial addressable audience and sufficient web traffic. It is also important for healthy competition which has a way of validating the need for a product and making the battle for consumer attention more manageable.

Take Advantage of Micro-Conversions 

Success in e-commerce isn’t solely measured by final sales. Understanding and optimizing the customer journey through micro-conversions is crucial. Utilizing professional analytics tools allows businesses to track customer behavior, making the path to a sale more seamless.

Automation is Your Friend

We’re a marketing tech company. Of course, we support adopting automation to streamline marketing operations. Call us biased, but automating marketing is a game-changer for efficiency. Automation frees up time for more strategic tasks, allowing brand owners to manage their businesses more effectively.

Find Your Channel & Stick To It

Experimenting with various digital marketing channels is essential in the early stages of operating, but long-term success comes from identifying a consistently high-performing channel. Once you isolate the channel that works for you and you truly find your stride, focus on optimization to maximize results.

Seek Validation Through Social Proof

Building trust through social proof is vital for longevity. Products and services highlighted in notable social threads, top 10 lists, or blogger roundups gain credibility. If traditional PR is not feasible, leveraging affiliate marketing tools for brand exposure can be an effective alternative.

Leveraging performance channels is a way to maximize ROAS while catapulting brand visibility. MDS is home to over 5000 content publishers and influencers pre-vetted for performance in the verticals service. Book a demo to learn more!


This list is by no means comprehensive but simply a mere synopsis of all the ways brands can pattern up their e-commerce stores for long-term success as the industry continues to dominate the digital landscape. Click here to get the full scoop on e-commerce strategies to adopt.


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