July 31, 2023

The Mosaic CRM

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Picture this: You’re sitting on the sidelines watching your competitors get promoted on social media, blogs, and shopping sites. Maybe you’re even getting emails for their products you never signed up for. You don’t know how they got this exposure, but you want a piece of it for yourself. 

Enter Mosaic – the pinnacle for DIY partnerships management and analytics.  Simply put, Mosaic is the premier CRM for analyzing, managing, and scaling your performance marketing channel. The Mosaic CRM combines over twelve years of affiliate performance data with vertical trend reports to create recruitment and optimization recommendations that are targeted to your brand’s products and KPI goals to guide your business through the winding path of affiliate marketing making sure you get the most from your journey. 

Mosaic is the perfect budget-friendly alternative to a fully managed program. The software was built and tested in an agency setting and is now being brought to the masses so every brand can have equal access to expert level analysis, automations, and reporting. We built the car and are handing you the keys to drive, but don’t worry we have plenty of support and resources to teach you how to grow your program successfully on your own. Key word being successfully

We know demand for partnerships marketing is through the roof with social and e-commerce being its main drivers for the past few years. It’s cost-efficient, extremely trackable (data rich!) and lets you target users at different points of the customer journey to create a holistic experience for your audience. But all that being said, getting started in affiliate marketing is near impossible without connections and without guidance. At Mosaic we give you both. 

We start out by getting to know your brand, your story, and your goals to get you set up with the right verticals and classifications in Mosaic and give you a walkthrough making sure you know how to use the dashboards and reporting tools. From there we let you take the reins so you can start recruiting the same day! 

Just because this is a DIY software doesn’t mean you’re left to fend for yourself completely. Our support team is here to help answer any questions you have. There’s bound to be a learning curve entering the affiliate space for the first time but with a team of experienced partnerships marketers who created the technology, we’ve written up best practices and recruitment outreach templates to guide you on your way. Think of us as the training wheels on a bike. We’re here to help you starting out to learn the ropes of partnership management until you feel comfortable fully running the show on your own.  

Mosaic’s been in the works for a long time now and we’re extremely excited to finally be pressing play on the project we’ve all been looking forward to. We’re making partnership marketing accessible, efficient, and easy so anyone can do it. They say time is money and if that’s true then every minute you save is another dollar in your pocket. Trying to build an affiliate program with nothing to start is like grasping at air. You might be able to find a dozen generic emails that you hear something back from over the course of a week on your own whereas with Mosaic you’re getting in touch with real people who have a long history driving growth for other brands. 

If you’re ready to become a self-starter and take control of your brand’s growth with in-depth analytics and strategic recruitment recommendations, give Mosaic a chance to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today and meet with a member of our team who can walk you through the platform to see it for yourself!

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