September 25, 2023

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In the past three years there have been over 15 million small business applications in the US alone. That’s a lot of startups, especially when you consider that the number of applications has been increasing nearly 25% YoY since 2020. So what’s behind the surge in SMBs over the past few years you might ask? Well for starters, we can pretty confidently say it has something to do with the rise of remote working. 

We remember all too well when the pandemic first broke out and everyone was suddenly shifted to a digital workplace. It was uncomfortable for everyone at first, but then we got used to it. Maybe a little too used to it. Companies were forced to reinvent work flows and team dynamics to accommodate our new way of life during pandemic times, and people made the most of their new work from home lifestyles whether it included a home office makeover or finally catching up on their growing laundry list of household chores to get done.

At some point after being homebound for so long, those to-do lists started to shrink and everyone had more than enough time on their hands. With extra time and nothing to do, many of us turned to new hobbies and passion projects to pass the days in quarantine away and for many people, what started as an outlet for creativity turned into a second source of income as they started selling their creations. People were setting up digital storefronts to sell everything from ebooks, to shoes and custom clothing designs, to financial coaching and services. Support for small businesses is through the roof amidst high inflation rates with over half of consumers prioritizing shopping small, and 30% specifically supporting small businesses over large “because they have more struggles and less resources.”

As a micro brand ourselves, we know the difficult obstacles teams of 10 and under face. We know what it’s like to wear 20 different hats in a given day just to keep the machine running smoothly, and we applaud small businesses owners for the vibrant dedication they give to their passion every day. In fact we exist to help fellow small businesses accelerate their sales and scale their brand at large by giving them access to resources previously only available for the high cost of a fully managed marketing agency. 

Affiliate marketing has grown over the last decade to become one of the most profitable means of digital performance marketing. In the affiliate channel you pay on a per sale or lead basis, meaning that with strategic recruitment and effective optimizations to strengthen your partner relationships and increase promotions you can achieve an extremely efficient marketing spend. Inc. touched on this in an article about reinvigorating remote work. They noted that several people amidst remote work are working multiple jobs or have started their own business as a means of second income, and in both scenarios Mosaic provides tools to get the job done more efficiently.

Joel Comm who wrote the Inc. article said, “Whether you are an entrepreneur building your company one sale at a time or someone in charge of overseeing marketing for an established consumer brand, you can capitalize on this growing trend by implementing strategies like affiliate or partnership marketing. This can now be easily done thanks to platforms like Mosaic, which allow you to set such a program up in a matter of minutes, monitor its performance, and scale results without having to hire a more expensive company or resource to do it for you.” We’re helping remote workers turned entrepreneurs capitalize on the growing trend of partnerships marketing to leverage the power of influencer, review, content marketing, business tech solutions and more, to reach new audiences and grow their startup in ways they previously couldn’t. 

The framework for Mosaic Digital Systems’ technology started underneath the renowned affiliate marketing agency Advertise Purple, and before the age of Mosaic, access to industry performance data and contacts at the channel’s top performing publishers were available exclusively to premium agency clients. However, Mosaic and Advertise Purple founder, Kyle Mitnick, saw the data and technology as too valuable to keep hidden under agency. Mosaic was built with microbrands and small SMBs in mind to offer a DIY platform where they could build the same level of success as clients under agency saw. 

Whether you’re selling music lessons or handmade ceramics, Mosaic’s vertical insights give you marketplace context and comparative data to help you find the right affiliates and the right rate to offer. Mosaic’s Partner Pairing automates the recruitment process by extending offers and initiating a seamless onboarding once the offer gets accepted by an affiliate. Real-time performance tracking and KPI reports help you stay on top of your partners progress and highlight high-growth affiliates to optimize with and trailing partners who are starting to fall off. With tools to let you effectively build and manage your own partnerships program, Mosaic technology has helped over a thousand brands establish a strong presence and a voice within their markets. 

We’re proud to be a small brand helping other small brands to grow, and as we continue to add to our team and develop our services we will continue to fill a gap in the market and provide access to agency level insights for a fraction of agency costs so brands of all sizes have the same chances to connect and partner with world-class publishers and affiliates.

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