February 9, 2024

LA Clippers Game Highlights 


This past Wednesday, the MDS team joined our Advertise Purple comrades for a night of fun and good vibes at the LA Clippers game at the Arena (we’ll never forget you STAPLES). We closed our laptops early and made our way from our Santa Monica stomping grounds to Downtown LA. Check out our highlights of the night!

Game Time

We began our night at the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar where we mixed and mingled with the team in our private section—shoutout to our AdPurp buddy, Abel for putting this together for us! 

Once we had our fill, we walked to the arena to get into our Premier Suite–swanky, we know. After all, if we’re going to go out, we’re going to go out in style. This exclusive space gave us a chance to better enjoy each other’s company amongst the megawatt energy radiating from the basketball fans in the arena. We were free to talk–or shout–and let our hair down with a great view of the court!

With just an 11-point difference, the Clippers sadly did not prevail against the New Orleans Pelicans. But, we didn’t let that stop our fun! We continued to laugh and cheer our LA compatriots on. We truly cherish company outings because we get the opportunity to learn more about our team members and spend some quality time outside of the confines of the workplace. These are times when friendships are strengthened and team morale gets a serious boost!

The MDS team is looking forward to making more memories throughout the year! Stay tuned for more of our greatest hits.

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