Introducing Your New Affiliate Manager

The premier CRM for analyzing, managing, and scaling your performance marketing channel.



of retailers believe affiliate is their leading customer acquisition channel


Global value of the affiliate marketing Industry


of brands leverage affiliate marketing


of publishers utilize affiliate marketing


Average annual growth of total affiliate spend worldwide


of US eCommerce orders are driven by affiliate marketing

A New Age Affiliate Manager

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from affiliate relationships, but having a dialed-in affiliate manager platform can streamline the process. Precise targeting and insight generate better results and conversion for online markets.

Take a look at how Mosaic can help microbrands and SMBs grow and what separates us from the other management platforms out there:

Distinct value & competitive advantage

Industry Leading Campaign Insights

Comparison, Review, and Discovery Engine

Automated Scheduling and Maintenance

94% Cost Savings VS Traditional OPM

Machine Learning Recommendation System

Robust Partner Communication & Reporting Suite

What Is It?

An affiliate manager program can be used to acquire new customers, which is incredibly beneficial for small businesses. Mosaic aims to put the right tools into the hands of microbrands and SMBs so they can have control over their portion of the industry.

For the first time, microbrands and SMBs have agency over their affiliate program growth, gaining access to cutting-edge industry insights and automations.  With the Mosaic CRM, customers can finally obtain campaign directives which, to date, have only been shared with elite clients of premium OPM agencies and industry insiders.

How Does It Work?

Entering business credentials into the system allows it to pull data for and upload it to the platform. Users have access to a dashboard with a variety of tools and cutting-edge technology, including performance trackers to gauge how well campaigns do alone or when compared to others.

All relevant users will be able to see the data and utilize optimization opportunities to grow the business. The platform shows the full picture of how business is conducted in an online space, benefiting future campaigns and marketing goals.

What Makes It Different?

Until now, only big businesses have had access to an extensive collection of tools to monitor engagement and growth within the marketplace. Smaller businesses have been at a disadvantage by having to manage it all on their own.

Now, with the Mosaic affiliate manager program, businesses of all sizes can stand on even footing with e-commerce tools.  

Try It Now!

Never before has there been a game-changing affiliate manager like this one. Microbrands and SMBs can learn what makes their business thrive and take it to the next level.

Don’t wait to try it out. See how business can boom when a Mosaic affiliate manager joins the team!

See it in action.

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