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of retailers believe affiliate is their leading customer acquisition channel


Global value of the affiliate marketing Industry


of brands leverage affiliate marketing


of publishers utilize affiliate marketing


Average annual growth of total affiliate spend worldwide


of US eCommerce orders are driven by affiliate marketing

Your New Affiliate Management Platform

Are you looking to diversify your company's marketing portfolio but don't know where to start with affiliate management?

Mosaic is the affiliate management platform for every business. Our program offers all you need to find effective affiliates, develop campaign ideas, streamline your rates, and more.

When you incorporate Mosaic into your marketing strategy, your business is guaranteed to grow according to your goals and beyond.

Distinct value & competitive advantage

Industry Leading Campaign Insights

Comparison, Review, and Discovery Engine

Automated Scheduling and Maintenance

94% Cost Savings VS Traditional OPM

Machine Learning Recommendation System

Robust Partner Communication & Reporting Suite

Affiliate Marketing Is Crucial for Your Brand’s Development

If you've never heard of affiliate marketing before, you've certainly seen it in action if you've ever watched online videos or consumed various forms of media with built-in sponsorships.

With this advertising model, companies reach out to influencers and allow them to promote their products to their audiences in exchange for a commission of the sales.

Part of what makes this model so effective is that consumers trust the influencers they look up to. By seeking out small creators with niche audiences, you’ll have an easier time targeting the consumer bases likely to buy your product or services.

Mosaic Can Take Your Affiliate Management Program to the Next Level

Mosaic takes the guesswork out of affiliate marketing and ensures you'll get the results you need. We help you find promising influencers with links to your target audiences, develop advertising campaigns that will really work, and manage every aspect of this complex marketing strategy.

If you want to see genuine growth by working with affiliates, you'll want to take advantage of this excellent platform.

Grow Your Consumer Base Today With Mosaic!

Mosaic is the most comprehensive affiliate management platform available on the market today. Our cutting edge promotional strategy brings the power of optimized campaign directives, industry insights, and productivity-boosting automation into the hands of microbrands and SMBs for the first time ever.

Streamline your marketing process with Mosaic today!

See it in action.

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