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of retailers believe affiliate is their leading customer acquisition


Global value of the affiliate marketing Industry


of brands leverage affiliate marketing


of publishers utilize affiliate marketing


Average annual growth of total affiliate spend worldwide


of US eCommerce orders are driven by affiliate marketing

Your New Affiliate Marketing Company

Mosaic is the affiliate marketing company for any business.

You know that partnerships are an extremely powerful way of gaining new customers. But until now, discovering new affiliates and scheduling has been time-consuming and resource-intensive. 

Without access to the campaign directives that have previously only been available to industry insiders and clients of premium OPM agencies, you may have struggled to track conversions and optimize your campaigns.

No more.

Distinct value & competitive advantage

Industry Leading Campaign Insights

Comparison, Review, and Discovery Engine

Automated Scheduling and Maintenance

94% Cost Savings VS Traditional OPM

Machine Learning Recommendation System

Robust Partner Communication & Reporting Suite

Meet your new affiliate marketing company: Mosaic.

Before our official launch in August 2023, we had already assisted 800 e-commerce businesses to an additional $150 million via a ground-breaking SaaS partnership marketing platform that puts the power in your hands.

The benefits of indexing and analyzing conversions to optimize campaigns have been solely available to large companies with advertising budgets to match. We are the affiliate marketing company that levels the field for microbrands and SMBs.

And if you have a large advertising budget, the power of our software will help you maximize the benefits.

How Mosaic Works

Mosaic is the brainchild of innovator Kyle Mitnick, who led Advertise Purple to dominance in managing affiliate programs, generating $4 billion in revenue for over 4,000 brands. This new endeavor draws on his depth of experience and cutting-edge, data-driven analysis.

Our innovative system allows you to enter nothing more than your business information and partnership credentials, which is enough for it to pull in all other data automatically.

It then analyzes your program in real time, giving you the performance metrics you need to make informed decisions instead of operating blind. We empower you to stay agile and respond swiftly to changes in the market.

Mosaic is the affiliate marketing company focused on scaling your business and revenues, giving you the power to manage, track, and compare your marketing programs.

Our software lets you target niche publishers who are the perfect fit for your products, providing unprecedented relevance and engagement.

See it in action.

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